::Ad Alert - T-Mobile Film Festival

Ummm.. yes, this is real! 

T-Mobile is taking over the Rynek complete with a beach, surfing, sand and grass!
notice the surfboards at the end of this pool

And T-Mobile is sponsoring nightly movies in the square (with English subtitles) as part of their International Film Festival. This promotion also goes hand-in-hand with Wroclaw being voted as the European Capital of Culture host city in 2016. The movie playlist is a bit eclectic for me, but here is a link to learn more, if you're interested. The Film Festival is going on through the 28th of July, 2013.

beanbag chairs and tiki huts
This way to the Cinema (and this lady's mustard-colored pants are fab!)
that's the TV screen - it is HUGE!

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