::Berlin, Germany - Day Two

After such a busy day in Berlin yesterday, our Sunday in the city was much more relaxing. We slept in (yeah!) and then headed to the Reichstag Building since we could not see it the first day due to the government festivities taking place here. We then drove to Charlottenburg Palace, just outside the Berlin city center, and explored the grounds. Here is a glimpse at Berlin: Day Two in pictures.
Reichstag Building (tourists can explore the dome at the top - but need reservations weeks in advance)

I enjoy this image of the Brandenburg Gate because of the sight seeing bus in front of it. 
And now we're off to Charlottenburg. Such a beautiful place and worth the stop if you have some time on your hands.

The front entrance
The grounds.
The back of the palace.
A good view of my sock bun hair (yes, there is a sock in my hair!)
And a  pond in the back yard completes this palace, and my post on Berlin.

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