::Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall, or Hala Stulecia, is another "must see" destination for anyone visiting Wroclaw. It is a bit out of the city center (located near the zoo) so I think many visitors miss this attraction when visiting the city, as you would need to drive or take the tram to visit. 
This large needle looks curved, but it is really straight.

We visited at night to see the fountain display (Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain) - think the Bellagio water fountain in Vegas - complete with water shooting up into the sky, music playing, lights dancing and images projecting. The whole works, really. It was very entertaining and I most certainly enjoyed it. Next time we visit, we will need to go before the sun goes down completely to enjoy the Japanese Gardens also located here. And, I hear in the winter the fountain is used as an ice skating rink, so there's that.
Known for it's Pergolas 

An ok video of the show taken with my iPhone :)


And a few still shots:

Do you want to visit yet?

Make sure you check out my updated advice in a later post.

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