::Grocery Shopping in Wroclaw

Grocery shopping can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least. There are very few people who work in this market that speak English, which is totally fine! I mean, I am in their country anyways. But, what really makes it a challenge is that I am just starting to learn how to cook....so sometimes I can't just know what I am looking for. Obviously, bananas are pretty simple but cilantro is a bit more of a challenge...umm what does that look like again? ;)
Market Exterior

This is Hala Targowa. My favorite place to find local produce and meats (and flowers). There are, of course, more traditional grocery stores in Wroclaw but this place takes organic to a whole new level...the potatoes are literally covered in dirt! I just love the charm and the farmer's market vibe that it conveys. If you're curious, there is also a shoe cobbler, locksmith, money exchange place and copy shop located on the second floor. 

The US equivalent for these cherries is about $1.20 USD/pound!
This kielbasa priced at 32 zloty per kilogram is about 5 USD/pound
Hala Targowa is worth a looksee even if you don't have any produce needs. I promise.

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