::Polish Raspberry Beer

When dining out at Polish restaurants, one of the first things I noticed was that most women drank beer out of a straw. But, not just any beer, their beer was pink! Upon further investigation... 
...it turns out that this is a popular custom not just in Wroclaw, but across Poland as well. Women order a draft beer with flavored Raspberry syrup and then drink the beer out of a straw. I decided that I just had to try it - and this past weekend, I did. 
The verdict? It was great!! It did set me back an extra zloty (about $0.33 USD) to add the syrup, but it was a great summertime treat and would definitely order again. My husband, on the other-hand, did not fancy the concoction (but he doesn't even like fruit-flavored candy, so take his review with a grain of salt). My only advice is to just have one because they are quite sweet, and I fear too many would create one bad hangover headache in the morning :)

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