::St. Elizabeth's Church

St. Elizabeth's Church, located just off the Rynek, is another building with a great view of the city. Personally, I like the University of Wroclaw better (and, it is MUCH easier to climb the University...) but this is definietly worth walking up at least once.
Know that there are a TON of stairs and a super small winding staircase. And people are coming down in the same twisting staircase that you are walking up, so my recommendation would be to go to St. Elizabeth's when it is less busy to avoid staircase traffic jams. I also got a bit dizzy on my climb so keep that in mind. Note that in the University, you only have to walk up four flights of stairs, as opposed to 250+ :) BUT I have nothing but Wroclove

Going through my photos, I realized I don't have a photo of the church itself. I will be sure to take one and update you with that soon. Here is what I do have to date.
In 1976, the church was damaged by fire. These gnomes act as a tribute to the fire fighters.
And the view. Lovely, isn't it?
You can see the cathedrals on Cathedral Island.

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