::Vienna, Austria (Part II)

Ahhh...There is still so much beauty in Vienna for me to share with you. Just 'sip' back and enjoy your dose of Morning Kawa.

Starting from where I left off in Part I of Vienna, let us now go to the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Before visiting Vienna, this palace defines what I imagined the city to be: grand buildings, gold trimmings, Tiffany blue copper tops, complete with intricate fountains. The Imperial Palace was all that and more. 
This is the Kunsthistorisches Art Museum.
In the left image, that circle shown in the ceiling is a look into the second floor.  Amazing building.
And here is the new city hall, Rathaus. During the summer, the greens turn into a film festival surrounded by all the beer and food tents you can imagine (that's a TV screen in front of the building).
Just think, we still have another day left in Vienna.  


(Update: Part III now live! Also, be sure not to skip Vienna Part I)


  1. Now I'm thirsty for a cold one! And doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute too!

    1. Yeah, he's not too hard on the eyes ;)