::Wroclaw Boat Ride

With the weather being so hot in Wroclaw the past few days, we thought a boat ride down the Odra River would be fitting. So we walked to the boat stop near Cathedral Island and hopped on Ray's Pontoon.

We chose Ray's pontoon taxi mainly because the logo has Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles - I have no idea why but... it. is. awesome.
It cost 25PLN (~8 US Dollars) per person for a 45 minute ride. I would recommended the tour to see the city sights on a different level. Plus, our captain was amazing and they stop for a few minutes at a bar for a beer. Can't ask for much more.
Here are some sights from the water:
Our captain told us the holes in the wall here are machine gun bullet holes.
He also told us that Hitler once gave a speech here. 
This is a stationary boat restaurant in the river - we have yet to try
The lock bridge :) 
The Ray went under bridges but the water is only a few meters deep!
Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski)
And our captain! He was the best!

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