::DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

Turns out my DIY Mummy Invites were a huge hit - so I thought I would share a few more of my Halloween Craft projects that I have been busy preparing for our party. Here is a super simple project for all you DIYers out there: ghost garland! (Don't worry, the BOO Sign tutorial is to follow. Phew!)

~ Pack of Napkins (mine have a patterned edge cut into the bottom)
~ Twine/Thread (I used black because I will be hanging them over a window at night, but white thread would work too.)
Cost: About $2 USD (!!!)

The How To:

Step One: This shot is more so you can see the size of the napkins I purchased. If you want to draw eyes on your ghost friends, now is the time! Also, cut your string to the size of the area you want to hang your ghost garland. Leave about 5 inches of slack so it hangs a bit and there is room for knots to tie your ghosts. P.S. these are Polish napkins, which are 1-ply only. But I think thicker napkins/tissue would work just as well. 

Step Two: Loosely cup the napkin in half (make sure not to dent the ghost's head). As your ghost is in one hand, use your fingers from your other hand to get rid of some of the bumps and round out your cute, little ghost head. Note: I have seen other DIYers use cotton balls to shape the head but when I tried this, my ghosts flew upside down.

Step Three: Place the newly formed ghost down on your string so you can see where you want to tie it. (The napkin should hold its shape a bit.)
Step Four: Tie your string at the base of your ghost's neck. I double knotted them.

Step Five: Pouf out your ghost's head to make it a bit rounder. Continue Steps One-Five until you have a full string of ghouls.
Here are some ghost garlands I have temporarily propped up in my kitchen to show you. Happy DIY-ing!

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