::DIY Halloween Mummy Invitations

I just can't contain my excitement any longer! We are throwing our very first Halloween party. YEAH! I have been getting a bit crafty with a little Halloween DIY over here in Poland. (So glad I packed my hot glue gun!)

First things first, let me share with you our party invitations. Isn't he cute?!
I don't even care that they haven't been distributed to our friends yet. Here is a look at my DIY mummy Halloween party invitations. EEK! I just love them!

The inside reads: Come Get Unraveled! (Sorry I can't post it since my address is on there, too.)

This is, BY FAR, the easiest (and cheapest) thing I have ever made. Here are some assembly instructions:
  1. Cut black cardboard paper to size. Mine are 3.5" x 5"
  2. Write invitation details with white gel pen. 
  3. Stick on wobbly eyes. (Surprisingly, easy to find in Poland.)
  4. Mummify with toilet paper - make sure it is plain white. (Plain white toilet paper: surprisingly, NOT easy to find in Poland.) And ensure the eyes are exposed.
  5. Tape T.P. in place on back.
That's it! Total cost? About $5 for eight. Are you in love yet, or what?

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