::DIY Paper Flowers

I keep reading articles about people "pinning" images on Pinterest and never actually doing anything with all these pins. So I decided - that will not be me! Cross my heart, I promise that I will try to bring most of my Pinterest dreams to life right here on Morning Kawa :)

Which brings me to my DIY Paper Flower tutorial. Inspired by Pinterest (and Martha). Made and photographed by me.

Let me start by saying that when I first set out to make paper flowers, the 'how to' guides I found online were so hard to follow (yes, even Martha's). Therefore, it's my goal to make these easy for you to understand. If you have ANY questions, please ask. I am happy to help bring your Pinterest dreams to life as well. 

First things first,

A List of Supplies:
~ Cone Kawa Filters (aka coffee filters) - I would assume 7 filters per flower. 
~ Scissors
~ Skewers
~ Green floral tape, which I couldn't find here in Poland so I used electrical tape that was bright green.
~ Pencil
~ Twine (if desired)
~ Hot glue gun (only if using twine)

Cost: ~$10-15 USD could make about 15 flowers, depending on the number of filters per pack.

Time: ~5-25 minutes per flower. Let me say that my first flower took at least 25 minutes, but after a bit of experience, I was done in just five minutes per flower, no problem.

Step 1: 
Download and Print (if you have a printer) this template from Martha Stewart.
Note that I do not have a printer here in Poland, so I traced the template scaled to the correct size directly from my computer screen onto a piece of paper. 

After I cut each petal template, I then traced it onto the coffee filter. 

Step 2: 
Cut each petal from the template onto coffee filters as outlined. You will cut through both layers of the filter for each petal. I was able to cut a few of each at the same time.

P.S. Make sure to erase your traced pencil marks if you don't want to see them on your flowers. 

Step 3:
Take petal #1, open it up, and stick a skewer through the center. The skewer should end up towards the bottom of the filter. 

Step 4:
Still with petal #1, fold it in half over the skewer and wrap around itself. Securely tape in place. 

Step 5:
Take Petal #2 and wrap it around itself on top of Petal #1. Tape in place. 
Tip: For all steps, keep the bottom of the filters tighter than the top of the filters so that you can see the flower starting to form. 

Step 6: 
Repeat the previous step (Step 5), but this time with petal #3. (Take Petal #3 and wrap it around itself on top of Petals #1 and 2. Tape in place.) 

Make sure the petal points aren't lining up directly. Now, here is what you have. 

Step 7:
Tear petal #4 along the perforated line. Wrap around itself and tape, like in steps 5 and 6. 
And an update on the appearance of your flower:

Step 8:
Now, onto petals #5 and #6. Use these to fill in the 'holes' of the flower. Tape one petal at a time (pointy side down).

Here is what mine looked like after I added all four petals (two #5 petals and two #6 petals). Fluff out the petals as you go to make sure you are seeing the flower in its entirety.

Step 9:
Repeat Step 8, but with petals #7 and #8 - Fill in the holes of your flower again, pointy side down. Fluff out the final petals. (How cute are these!)
Also, if you want to - curl the edges of the petals by rolling them in a skewar. Be careful, they can curl too much. I just slightly curled the very ends of the petals. 

Yeah! Your flowers are now done. 

Optional Step 10:
Just because my green electrical tape is SO green, I covered it in twine. I wrapped it around the tape and super glued in place. My guess is floral tape would be fine without twine, but if you can only find neon green electrical tape, I would plan on this step ;)
That's it, don't you love 'em?! I hope you feel pinspired.


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  2. They're beautiful! After reading your instructions with illustrations, I feel that even I can make them. I wonder how they would look spray painted?

  3. you are a wonderful photo journalist Jackie!
    Betty: I wonder if we could pre-soak the filters in a colored solution like food coloring? and dry flat - before tracing?

    1. Thank you! I have read in other tutorials that watered down water color paints work best. After making the flowers, dip in water colors and hang upside-down to dry. I have not yet tried, but best of luck!

  4. awsome .. i love this idea

  5. Thank you for your clear instruction and pictures .Just need to find where I put the coffee filters

    sue x