::Feeling Batty?

With Halloween just around the corner, I am sure you are in need of a quick and easy Halloween DIY tutorial that will spruce up any room, right? Well, here it is - Do-it-yourself cut out bats!
I found the stencil from the one and only Martha Stewart! This is all there is to it:
  • Download and print the Bat stencil (Disregard Martha's instructions at the top. I used page one AS IS for my template - no cutting and taping required.)
  • Fold a peice of black construction paper in half (so when it unfolds you have a full bat). 
  • Trace the bat stencil onto your black paper - use pencil so you can erase the marks afterwards.
  • Cut along the stencil lines. 
  • Unfold and, voila, a bat! 
I then just used regular scotch tape and stuck them to the window. It took me about 5 minutes per bat.  I also stuck some in our entryway ;)

And, if you're really feeling 'pinspired' - string the bats with a needle and thread and hang for your very own Bat-mobile!
That's it - just cut and stick (and string if you'd like)!

Stay tuned to see photos of my entire Halloween party full of DIY projects. But if you just can't wait, here are a few other MorningKawa DIY Halloween tutorials to tide you over:

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