::Painting Pumpkins

I am so in love with painted pumpkins this Halloween and it is so very easy to do! If I can do it, you can do it ;) Here is my how to DIY guide for painting pumpkins. 
Supplies Required for Pumpkin Painting:
~ Acrylic Paint
~ Paintbrush
~ Pumpkins
~ Tacky glue and sequins - only if desired

Step 1: 
Find the perfect pumpkin! I chose green pumpkins just for funsies. 

Step 2: 
Apply one even coat of paint over your pumpkin. 

Step 3: 
Wait for the first coat of paint to dry evenly and apply another. I only painted two coats but I think three may have been better. It took about an hour for each coat to dry.

Step 4:
Now you're ready to paint some decorations on your pumpkins :) On one pumpkin I painted gold stripes and on the other I glued sequins (I used tacky glue and it worked great!)
Happy pumpkin painting! And, Happy Halloween!

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