::Wroclaw Train Station

It's funny really. Even with all our traveling, I had yet to go to the Wroclaw Glowny Train Station. I had heard that it was a beautiful train station and this weekend I thought it was time for me to decide for myself. Boy am I glad I did. 
The station was heavily renovated and reopened in 2012 to greet visitors coming into the city for the 2012 Euro Cup that was held in Wroclaw. (Umm, why weren't we living here yet for the games?!) 

The station is a 10-15 minute walk from the Rynek and is quite impressive. The paint color and design are interesting - I will leave to you to decide what you think of it :)
On the exterior, the station is surrounded by greenery, fountains and, if you're lucky, some rollerbladers.  
Once inside, it felt similar to Grand Central Station in New York City in a way. I can't quite describe why - maybe because of the sense of urgency? Maybe the design details? If you have been to both stations, I'm interested to know if you agree with me at all. 
P.S. Obsessed with this striped paint and golden columns. DYING!
Psst...Can you spot the bride and groom below?
I can't wait to pack our suitcases and take the train somewhere new that we have yet to discover. To check out the full train schedule, click here.

Happy travels!


  1. Wow great pictures. I never did get there but was always curious. Let us know how your first train ride goes.

    1. Thanks! Will let you know - I'm thinking Poznan might be the first train trip :)

  2. Maybe next one can will be Szczecin? :) Regards Greg

  3. Who knows! Maybe! It is a bit of a hike up there from here.