:: Santa Stationary - Congrats! You Made the Nice List!

Need a unique idea for your holiday party invitations? Well, look no further than my Christmas party invites I created for the International Friends of Wroclaw - (yeah for my first soiree into event planning in Poland)! They turned turned out SOOO cute! Plus, download the template free.

How's that for a Happy Holiday?
To be honest, I wanted to make a normal, cutesy 5x7 Christmas invitation - but I couldn't. I just had too much information that "normal" wasn't an option. In fact, I had so much info that I knew I probably had to make some kind of flyer. Eww. Who likes flyers? Answer: umm...no one.

BUT then I found this stationary from Design Editor (link to template can be found at the bottom of this post) and I knew I just had to figure out a way to use it! So here is what I ended up with: A letter from Santa congratulating YOU for making the nice list this year. And guess what? He's throwing a party only for nice-listers and you're invited. 

It turned out great and people still can't stop talking about it. Success. 
Also, feel free to borrow some of my wording for your own holiday party - or even if you just want to send a note to your kids congratulating them on making the list this year. My guess is that they'll love it.

Here is an excerpt as to what my invite says:
Congratulations! You have officially been placed on my nice list for 2013!
To celebrate this accomplishment, the IFW invites you and your family to attend our annual Christmas party - exclusively for nice-listers.
Christmas comes but once a year-
Won’t you join us for some holiday cheer?


To download the template for Santa's Stationary from Design Editor, click here.  

And if you are in Wroclaw and don't have any plans this Saturday, send me a note. You're invited, too - of course, only if you are on the nice list :)

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