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Remember the 'coffee' jar from my DIY Flower Paper Tutorial? I have received quite a few inquiries as to how to make it/where it came from and today is your lucky day! Did you know there are a bunch of other jar labels, too? Well, here is all the info you need to make your very own super cute labels :)
First things first, of course, I found this on Pinterest! This is my own iteration of the labels (just because I couldn't find decal coating paper as the blogger originally posted and I was too impatient to wait to order it online. I mean, I had to make these before I moved to Poland and I was short on time!) This is a super easy project, not to mention these jars are just so cute sitting out on display!

Step 1: Download the pre-created labels here (and thank The Painted Hive for posting this!)

Step 2: I printed the labels on plain white paper but if you have time, track down the decal paper because it will last over time/can get wet. I have to be super careful with my jars, not that I mind, but you might.

Step 3: Behind the label, I placed grey and white chevron drawer liners (the kind with adhesive) and stuck those to the jar first before using a glue stick to stick on the white labels.
Step 4: My jars also have tops for the labels. Same process - drawer liner/glue stick.
And that's it! Love. Love. Love.

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