:: Morning Kawa Best of 2013

As some of you may know, moving to Poland in June 2013 was actually a very hard decision to make. However, I am so glad we took on this adventure - I haven't looked back once! I have been able to focus on things that I love most like DIY projects, learning photography (keyword learning) and most of all traveling on a budget.

As I look back on 2013, I wanted to provide a list of places we have been, in order of preference to maybe help you narrow down where you want to visit first. This was so hard to do. Everywhere is so different and beautiful in their own way. (I honestly have loved every single city we have traveled to in Europe!) Here goes nothin' and cheers to many more adventures to come!

Morning Kawa's favorite adventures in 2013 and one word that best represents each destination.
1. Wroclaw, Poland! Opportunity. (I love my new city and without it, these other destinations would still just be a to-do on my bucket list!)

2. Rome, Italy - Historic. 

3. Budapest, Hungary - Beautiful.

6. Vienna, Austria - Sophisticated. 

7. Gdansk and Sopot, Poland - Amber-ific.

9. Berlin, Germany - Memorable.

10. Dresden, Germany - Modest.

And that sums up Morning Kawa's 2013 adventures! Here's to new destinations in 2014!


  1. How long do you live in Poland ?

  2. We moved here in June of 2013 :)

  3. How much money one must have to live/travel in similar style as you do ?
    Mike in Dallas

    1. Surprisingly, it is very affordable to travel while living in Europe! We book all of our air travel through low cost airlines and have flown for as little as $20 round trip - our most expensive flight was to Greece and that was only about $100 USD. Plus, we are able to drive to many places helping to save. And, hotels can be very cheap too! We get many nights free through hotels.com rewards program. Once you are in Europe, it is much cheaper to travel around than flying from the USA, which is why we are taking advantage of all opportunities while we can :)