::RyanAir Upgrades

European budget airline RyanAir made a big announcement this weekend: Assigned Seats! In celebration, I thought it warranted a blog post.

As of February 1, 2014 the airline has moved to 100% allocated seating. YEAH! No more cattle call waiting as seen below in the Rome Ciampino airport. (For those of you not familiar, seats on the plane were provided on a first come, first serve basis - unless you paid extra to board first. This meant that if you didn't pay the extra fee, you would have to wait in line about 1-2 hours before your flight in order to get a seat next to the people you traveled with. A pretty terrible airport experience. Now that they are moving to assigned seating, it's a big relief. ahh...exhale.)
We have yet to fly RA since this change (next flight scheduled is in March) but I am very curious as to how this will improve the experience on the airline.

Plus, earlier this year, travelers are now able to carry TWO pieces of hand luggage for free. With just these two small changes, I will always choose RyanAir over Wizz Air if given the option at comparable prices. Of course, be sure to check the latest baggage policies to avoid incurring extra fees ;) 

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