:: Wroclaw's Naked Swordsman

The past few days have been super busy here in Poland (including a broken pipe escapade with water leaking down below our apartment, but that's another story for another day)  - anyways, that's why this week's "Wroclaw Wednesday" is really "Wroclaw Thursday" ;) 

Today I want to introduce you to The Naked Swordsman located at the University of Wroclaw

The statue has been here since 1904 but the story behind the sculpture is what makes it interesting. 
Legend has it, the statue represents a rich, former student who bet everything but his sword during a drunk card game (and lost). It is to serve as a warning for students not to make poor decisions - who knew?
Oh, and don't miss the Naked Umbrella Gnome also found here!
And a few more photos of the bronzed man.

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