:: Hochberg Chapel, Wroclaw

The best way to explore a city is to get lost in it. Ok, not that I was technically lost when I found this church - just strolling around near the University - but I did venture into a building I had never been to before. And, what a surprise.
Welcome to St. James and St Vincent Cathedral in Wroclaw, Poland.

Upon entering, we were given candles to light and say a prayer.
I really was shocked by the scale of this church - from the outside, it looks much more modest. Of course, at a quick glance the interior resembles that of other churches in Wroclaw, as seen below. 
However, around the corner in a semi-hidden room is the real marvel of this place, which you may remember from yesterday's teaser post. It's called The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows also known as the Hochberg Chapel built 1723-1728. The lighting we experienced while visiting was just indescribable.
The ceiling and walls in the room are just UNBELIEVABLE - the boroque art resembles that of the University Church/Aula Leopaldina. The height of this room just can't be conveyed in an image.

The circle at the top (kinda blends in a bit) is actually another row of windows, reaching even higher into the sky.
Honestly, a church worth venturing into when visiting the University/timeline in the sidewalk area. 
And a look at the entrance full of candles. 


  1. I think the cathedral is for the Greek Catholics, the dominant religion in western Ukraine..so it's become a worship place for some Ukrainian people living in Poland.
    Wroclaw seems to be one of the coolest places I should definitely make it there one day.
    Thanks for the post and new ideas.

    1. Thanks so much for the information - very helpful! I would recommend a visit to Wroclaw if you have a chance!

  2. And here we have a curiosity for you, because icons is not painted but writen. You can read it at this link http://orthodoxwiki.org/Iconography

  3. You should go to mass or concert and listen how they singing it's something magical

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I will try to check that out sometime :)

  4. Here is the history of the church:
    By the way you should make a trip to Krzeszow and Bolkow, it is less than 2 hour drive from Wroclaw and the church monastery there is a delight for a day trip.

    1. Awesome - thanks for the advice! I hope to make a visit soon!