:: Train to Heaven

So today's Wroclaw Wednesday is a bit odd. It is literally a train coming out of the ground. Curious as to what this is? Welp, so was I. 
This train is a bit out of the Rynek of Wroclaw located on Plac Strzegomski. This is a real train, 65 years old, 30 meters long and weighs 80 tons. Technically, this is the largest monument in Wroclaw. Let me clarify that the train is 65 years old; the monument was put up in 2010. 
This monument was set up (using two cranes) to commemorate the locomotive industry in the Wroclaw area. Its official name is "Train to Heaven." I also read that when it first opened they used dry ice to look like steam was coming out of the locomotive. That's kinda cool. 
I wouldn't go out of your way to see this horizontal train, but there is a museum next door if that encourages you to make the trip. I haven't been to the museum, or even researched it - I just know it's there :)


  1. Sculptor name is Andrzej Jarodzki.

  2. nice, I haven't seen it yet... I have to check it out when I'm in Wrocek next time!