:: Baby Registry - What do I REALLY need?

If you live abroad and don't speak the language, then you know you must prepare in advance for everything! I mean, you have to look up how you are going to ask just to get your pants hemmed... So, imagine the preparation that ensued when I found out I was pregnant... in Poland! To put it simply, it was INTENSE. I needed every bit of those 9 months to prepare  :)

I searched registry list after registry list. Then, I made my own extensive "Baby Essentials" checklist (can you tell I love lists?!) for having a baby in Wroclaw, Poland that I am sharing with you today. This list encompasses both goods purchased in Poland and goods I received from our shower in the USA. It should give you an idea of what may REALLY be worth registering for and/or hauling across the world. If it's worth me packing it, it's probably worth you having it; no matter where you live.  (Ok, in reality your baby just needs food, shelter, clothing and a way to keep his bum dry but it's easy to get wrapped up in baby gear so here are my thoughts and reviews.) 

Let's get this Baby Registry Essential Checklist started, shall we? First up: Basic but Bulky.


- Basic but Bulky -


Duh. You need these. If you're living abroad then you know that unless you're paying to ship big/bulky goods, then you'll need to purchase these items where you are living. Good thing is we didn't have a problem finding what we liked in Poland. Just remember to check safety standards. I based my purchases on EU safety ratings. Basic but Bulky items include:

  1. A StrollerThe strollers in Poland are WAY better than in the US! The quality is outstanding and I am actually glad we were able to get one here. These things are fab. Like the Hummers of strollers. The Jedo Fyn is AWESOME and I LOVE it and I can't recommend it enough! 
    • Here are some stroller buying tips if you're living where you walk a lot:
      • If there are cobblestone streets (like in Wroclaw) you need a stroller with shock absorbers. Really you NEED this, especially for young babies. I am not kidding, I have shocks on my stroller! I also have found air tires (vs. plastic) help absorb shock, too. If you skip this, you may end up with baby's head bouncing all over. Not good.
      • Undercarriage storage is your new best friend.
      • Buy a rain cover that fits your stroller. You will use it. And you will need it when you least expect it.
      • Personally, I like that I can choose if the front wheels are locked or not. For some stairs in the Rynek, I need to be able to lock the front wheels to go up/down the ramp. Don't get one with permanately locked front wheels though; they are too hard to turn.
      • Most strollers here in Poland are actually pretty expensive. But they get pretty beat up on the cobblestone, so it is worth the investment if you are using it a lot. And, we actually used the pram part (shown above) for our bassinet the first 2 months, so that helps.
      • FYI most strollers here in Poland come with matching diaper bags. They also come with the pram top for infants and another attachment for bigger kids so this stroller should last you through the toddler years. 

  2. A Car seat Maxi Cosi - Of course you need a car seat so you can bring home your little one! 
    • Don't forget the car seat stroller adapters so your car seat can snap right from the car into your stroller. These are awesome! Do you really NEED the adaptors? I guess not. But anything that makes life easier and doesn't cost a fortune moves into the 'Need' category for me. UPDATE: now that H is getting bigger, I would recommend a convertible baby car seat that can hold a baby above 30 pounds. (But, I still love my Maxi-Cosi.)
    3. Crib and Mattress -  This is kinda a no brainer. We wanted something that wasn't too heavy and came flat in a box so that when we move we can move it flat in a box again. Ikea was a perfect choice for this. Maybe 'assembly required' isn't so bad after all...UPDATE: since we have moved back to the US, the Ikea crib wasn't big enough and we upgraded to a convertible 4-1 bed that goes to crib, toddler bed, daybed, headboard for a full bed. We love it and H has slept through the night ever since...
    4. Infant Bathtub - Make sure your tub has an infant sling - it makes baby bath time much easier! Our friend let us borrow hers, but tubs like this one are easy to find. 
    5. Baby Scale- A scale may not be on YOUR essential list but it saved my sanity when I was concerned if my little one was eating enough. Also, since our doctor comes to our house, we need to have a scale here for checkups :)
    6. Changing Pad and/or Changing Table - We use a dresser with a pad on top of it and it works great! Personally, I would recommend a changing pad that you can wipe off, instead of one with a cloth cover. Especially if you are having a boy. If you still want a cloth cover, buy a few. We got our changing pad at SMYK.

Here are some 'Basic and Bulky' Nice to Have's, but not necessarily essentials:
  1. PlayYard - We haven't used it yet but I expect to once little one is mobile and needs to be contained to one space. I also plan to use this as a crib when we are in hiatus between leaving Wroclaw and waiting for our goods to arrive at our next destination. The Hauck folds up easy, but does weigh about 25 pounds (as do most of the play yards). I wanted a BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light because it only weighs 11 pounds, but couldn't justify the cost. The Hauck one only cost $50 vs. $300....pretty easy decision really.

  2. Baby Swing - We bought the Comfort and Harmony Fisher Price. This swing is battery operated because I ran out of room to buy an electric one in the US and bring it back. But an electric AND battery-operated swing may be a better choice for you. I do like how portable this one is on batteries but it would be nice to plug it in, too. A swing depends on your baby - they may like it, they may not (ours loves it!). PS. I really wanted to try the MamaRoo, but couldn't get it back to Poland/didn't want to buy it in Poland because of the power issue - it's too expensive for it not to work when we're back in the USA. 

  3. Rocking Chair - Honestly, after a lot of searching the Ikea Poang rocking chair is the only padded rocking chair I have ever seen in Poland. But it works good, looks nice and is actually very comfortable so it's a win. And, it can be disassembled for moving - yeah Ikea! We love our rocker.
So that's it for 'Basic and Bulky' -  onto the next:


- Basic but Lightweight -


These are more basic items that are available in Poland but I bought in the US because:
A. They were easy to put in a suitcase and I had to register for something.
B. I wanted the electric to be US-based electric, not European. 
C. Because I wanted THAT pattern. Not another one. Because it all has to match, duh!
  1. Activity Mat - We like this owl activity mat from Pottery Barn Kids for tummy time and promoting independent play :) There are lots of color options out there, but not many of them are as color neutral as this one, which is why we chose it.

  2. Crib sheets (2-3) - I got one of these elephant sheets for cooler weather from Pottery Barn Kids (FYI it is too big on the Ikea mattress so we use suspenders under the mattress to keep it tight) and one super warm chamois crib sheet for the winter which I LOVE!!! (Totally don't need this but it is just SO soft and SO warm, I couldn't help it...and this one fits the Ikea mattress fine.)  

  3. Flannel Receiving Blankets (3) - another thing we received from PBK that we love! We also use these as a wind cover for our stroller or when the thicker blankets are just too warm and the thinner ones too cold. I am thinking we will use these even more in the Spring and Fall. 

  4. Favorite Blanket #1 - This elephant stroller blanket from PBK - currently being used on the bottom of our stroller bassinet. It's warm and soft and cute.

  5. Favorite Blanket #2 the Emerson stroller blanket from PBK. LOVE this soft and sweater-like blankie. One of my faves. 

  6. Waterproof Mattress Covers (2) - get two covers, just in case.

  7. Favorite Blanket #3 the Sherpa stroller blanket from Pottery Barn Kids. This one is even softer than the Emerson and we love it.

  8. Burp Cloths (12-18) - I use cloth diapers for burp rags and to be honest, you really can't have too many. I have about 20 and run out of them constantly...and my baby doesn't even spit up very often. 

  9. Aden and Anais Muslin Blankets (4) - amazing for swaddling. The size is perfect and the patterns are cute, too. 
As you can tell, I received a lot of blankets at my shower (even more than listed here!), but we do love them and use them. We don't have a dryer, so we need more of these than you might since I need a whole day (at least) just to air dry one blanket... so in case one, or two, or three get wet for reasons other than washing (hehe) it's good to have extras on hand. We also like the blankets from Barefoot Dreams (not shown but they are so soft and warm, they deserve a shoutout, too).

'Basic but Lightweight' essentials, continued -
  1. Hooded Bath Towels (3-4) - LOVE these animal critter towels from PBK. If you're like us and don't have a dryer, you may need about 5 towels, depending on your laundry habits. Get them with hoods; little one is cold after baths and it is nice to bundle him up :)

  2. Bath Toys :)  ok, not NEEDED but I am so looking forward to using these water squirtin' toys when little one is a bit bigger.

  3. Washcloths (8-12) - Loving these thin, terry cloth, super soft ones from Babies R Us. They have one side that is smooth for the face and one side that is terry cloth for the 'dirtier jobs'.

  4. Bath Cup - We are really loving the Munchkin Shampoo Rinser. It's a cup that shapes around baby's head so water doesnt drip into the eyes when rinsing the head. My husband thought this was stupid when I registered for it, but now that he is giving baths he loves it ;) Again, you could get by without one but it makes life easier and doesn't cost a lot, so why not?!

  5. Bath Thermometer (Fahrenheit, please!) - Get one that shows a happy face when the water is in the right temp range so you don't have to think about the actual degrees of the water. (i.e. always having to ask, 'what was the recommended temp again?..')
  • Breast Pump: I am not working so I wasn't sure how much I would use a pump, but I got really sick and was extremely thankful that I could pump to keep my supply up. Also, you may experience engorgement or a blocked duct and you'll need a pump of some kind to avoid infection.  Plus, you'll want to leave the house at some point.
    • I got the Medela Pump in Style Advanced and I really like it. Plus, it comes in this handy case, complete with a cooler, a few bottles and some spare parts. FYI the cost of your breast pump may be covered by your insurance in the USA. Yeah!
    • You may need 2-4 additional bottles, depending on how much you plan to use them. Also, make sure you have some slow flow nipples; the ones provided were too fast for us.
    • Don't forget to buy a bottle brush for washing and some storage freezer bags (I bought the Target brand and they are totally fine so no need to splurge on the name brand). Also, if you're pumping a lot you may benefit from making or buying the handsfree bra. I have to hold the bottles in place when I pump, but I don't do it too much so I am ok not having one.
And, now here are some 'Basic but Lightweight' Nice to Have's:

  1. Bouncer - our baby doesn't love or hate this. He definitely likes the swing better, but every baby is different and I know some moms who swear by this. Again, bouncers come in all kinds of colors. I chose the Snuggabunny bouncer because it matched and I liked the neutral colors. We really like the bird sounds it makes, too. My only compliant is that it is not an automatic bouncer, which I think my baby would like better but who knows. If you're curious: Yes, this ships flat and yes, I fit this in a suitcase no problem. 

  2. Baby Carrier - We are using the Baby Bjorn for now but we haven't used it much yet. I can tell it won't last when baby is big, so if I were to do it again I would get a different one (maybe the Ergo?). But for now, it's fine since we are only using it while walking around the house :) However, I will be able to test it out more during our upcoming vacation to Venice where there are lots of stairs and little room for strollers on the streets :) UPDATE: We have since purchased the Ergo Baby and it is AMAZING. I didn't know what we were missing. It is so much comfortable for both mom and baby. Get the Ergo. Skip the Bjorn. 

  3. Humidifier - don't you love this Crane humidifier elephant?! I didn't think we would use a humidifier so I didn't buy one in the US. However, since Henry was born in the winter he gets a stuffy nose at night and the doctor recommended a humidifier. It has worked wonders (we just bought a cheap brand here in Wroclaw). A humidifier may be the difference between sleep and no sleep so this may quickly become a must have for you.

  4. Baby Mobile - Personally, I don't like this one we have too much because it doesn't play music very long no matter how much I crank it - but at least it matches! My advice is to get one that has an on/off switch instead of a crank. Our baby is just starting to notice this at 8 weeks, so the verdict is still out on mobiles in our house.
That wraps up my 'basic but lightweight' category - next up:


- Little Indulgences -

These are items that I purchased in the USA. I have not seen most of these items at all here in Poland, so I brought them with me from the States. You may be able to find them online/in select stores in Europe but I have found that the cost is generally more. Oh, If you are wondering. Yes, I filled 3 large suitcases and 2 carry-ons with gear when I came back from the US. And, yes, when my parents/my husband's parents came to visit us, their suitcases were full too

If you're breastfeeding, you'll want these.
  1. ***My Brest Friend*** - If you are breastfeeding, GET THIS! It 100% saved my breastfeeding (which btw is way harder than you think it will be). The Brest Friend is better than the Boppy because it is flat and it clips around your waist so you don't have to fight both the pillow and trying to get your baby to latch. This pillow is awesome and you really do NEED this. I can't recommend it enough.

  2. Lanolin!!! Another need for breast-feeding. You will thank me later. Make sure you get the 100% natural kind (the Lansinoh brand is good).

  3. Hydrogel Hot or Cold Breast pads - You may need these, you may not. I hope you don't need them but I did and I LOVED them. 

  4. Nursing Tank Tops (6-8) - The H&M nursing tanks are fabulous. (PS I bought these in Poland but placed them here to keep with the breastfeeding theme.) I have 8 of them and I use all of them all the time. I can sleep in them or wear them out. They also have a built in bra so you can place your breast pads in here without a bra, which brings me to...

  5. Disposable Breast Pads - (these really are easy to find anywhere, but again keeping with the theme...) get these too. You will need more than you think. I like the Lansinoh brand because they have a sticky back to keep them in place, but any will do. I also tried the reusable Bamboobies, but I had to change/wash the pads too much for these to make sense for me personally.

  6. Nursing Apron - Another thing you MUST get if you're breastfeeding. You really don't want to be fighting a blanket if you're trying to breastfeed in public. Get an apron. Your baby will like it better than a blanket, too. I bought this nursing cover from Pottery Barn and it is another 'must have' for me.
And some 'Little Indulgences' I'd consider as must haves, but you could get by without. 
  1. Rock and Play - I'd consider this close to a necessity only because I really like to use this as a safe place to set baby when I need to run to the bathroom or am cooking dinner. Technically, you could just use the bouncer or swing, but the Rock and Play is higher off the ground, so it saves your back. Plus, some babies like to nap in here, but mine doesn't really like to nap anywhere :) This also fits flat in a suitcase when unassembled, FYI.

  2. Swaddles (2-3) - Ok, my baby hated swaddling and we didn't use them at all but I know they are in all the books and a huge MUST have in the US so idk. I haven't seen these in Poland at all. I bought a miracle blanket and SwaddleMe's. You may need them, you may not. Depends on your baby. You can always use a blanket as a swaddle instead (the Aden ones listed above are a perfect size). 

  3. Sleep Sacks - I got 2 in every size. I like the Halo brand a lot because they are thinner than the ones here in Poland which are much thicker (e.g. like this one from Ikea.) You can also choose different fabrics for varying warmth. 

  4. Baby Monitor - UPDATE: We HATE this Levana monitor. Our screen is quickly breaking and the battery won't stay charged after only a few months of use :( Out to find a replacement soon :) But, if you're looking for a monitor, skip this Levana brand. 

  5. Travel Changing Station - I am loving this Skip Hop changing station when we are out and about. It is great because it fits well inside the diaper bag and it is waterproof and wipeable. Much better than blankets - talk about a potential mess when you are not in the comforts of home. Yuck.

  6. Jumperoo - We haven't used this yet, but I am looking forward to once little one is bouncing around. I like that it is stationary. This may not be a 'must have' item but I am hoping it helps aid muscle development for walking. (This is another item that we brought over in a suitcase unassembled. Not kidding.)
And we're onto some more random things you don't NEED but I like them so you may, too :)
    1. Teethers! Of course, we haven't tried these yet, but these look promising: Sophie the Giraffe (this is on pretty much every list out there, so I have to try it!), MAM Brush (it's a toothbrush, too!), Terry Cloth Teethers (just freeze and teeth!) and a Fresh Feeder (place slices of apple or other fruits inside and let baby chew - when they are ready to start solids, of course).

    2. Tommee Tippee Bib - This bib has a ridge to help stop liquids from causing neck rashes.

    3. The NogginStick!  - A rattle that we love already at 8 weeks old. It's easy to grip and lights up to make it easy to see.

    4. Toy Winkel - Supposedly a great sensory toy and teether. We haven't used it yet, but I like the idea of it. 

    5. Freddie the Firefly - Another item that is on most lists because babies like it - and my little one is no exception.

    6. Calming Vibrations Elephant - We love him at nighttime! He really has such sweet melodies. Plus, it calms mommy, too. :)

    7. The Sleep Sheep - a great white noise/lullaby tool. We use this at bedtime. Plus, this sheep is cute clipped on the side of the crib :) The only downfall is it has a 45 minute auto off.

    8. Ubbi Diaper Pail - I couldn't fit this in my suitcase (and it is expensive) so we don't  have it but I SO want it....For the record, I haven't seen any diaper pail-specific trash cans here in Poland, but we use a plain ol' trash can and it is fine - just get one with a lid. And if you get a diaper pail, make sure it doesn't require special trash bags.
    So that's it for baby "stuff" now let's talk clothes!


    - The Closet -


    I have TONS of clothes from the USA because everyone loves to buy them for baby shower gifts (which really is awesome!) But I wanted to put together a list of what I think you really need. Remember, the more clothes you have, the less laundry you have to do. 

    We'll start with Clothing for Newborns:
      • Newborn Size: Don't buy too much in NB size. You have no idea how big your baby will be. As a reference, mine was 7 pounds 7 ounces and he was in NB size about a month but I know lots of moms who never used NB size and some who were in them longer than mine was.  Generally,  I would recommend:
          • Cross over snap shirts with separate pants (5-7) - like this Barefoot Dreams set we had - SO soft, you'll love it! Until the umbilical cord falls off, I liked having tops and pants separate (i.e. no snap-crotch shirts). Skip any over-the-head onesies. Those are too hard for the first month and your baby may be a bobble head, making it even harder to put on. FYI these Gerber cross over T's were fab but they run small, so just get the 0-3 month size and you're set.

          • One Piece PJ's (5-7) - Some moms don't like one piece suits for newborns until the cord falls off, but if they aren't tight I think they are ok. We liked the ones that zip up better than the ones that snap up because they are faster to get on; though snaps aren't too bad, just something to consider. Some people like sleeping gowns, but I found they bunched up too much when I picked baby up so I didn't like them, but that was just my preference. 

          • Actual Outfits (1-2) - We didn't head outside much the first 3-4 weeks because I didn't want to leave the house too long until I felt comfortable breastfeeding in public. Therefore, we didn't really need many 'outfits' - the PJs and tops/pants worked well for our adventures. 

          • Bear Suit (1) - Every baby needs a bear suit ;0 - like this bear suit from H&M (if it is not a bear suit, then you just need something warm for baby to come home from the hospital in, especially if you're having a winter baby). Even though baby won't be in NB size very long, get this in the right size because he will be in a car seat and you don't want it too bulky for safety reasons.

          • Socks (7-10) - Buy the 0-6 month size and you'll be fine for a while. Skip booties, they fall off.  Buy more socks than you need because they are so small and bound to get lost. The First Impression brand is GREAT - they stay on very well! (TIP: Wash socks in a garment bag to avoid losing them in the washer.)

          • Hats (2) - Almost all outfits come with hats so you very well will end up with more than 2 hats, but you don't really NEED more than that. Colder weather=warmer hat required. 

          • Baby Mittens (1-2) - Babies have sharp nails and many moms like mittens to make sure baby doesn't scratch himself at night. We didn't use mittens because my baby liked to suck on his hands since he was born. I just made sure his nails were filed. Also, most shirts have fold over mittens on the sleeves, so you may not need separate mittens. 
    So that's it for Newborns, here is checklist for older babies:
      • Sizes: I would buy the following in 3 month, 6 month and 9 month sizes because one day you wake up and baby no longer can fit into the size he was JUST in yesterday. So it is good to have the next size on hand. All brands fit differently, so you may have to hold up the clothes against each other to size them correctly.

          • One Piece PJ's (7-10) - The ones without feet seem to fit longer than the ones with feet because they don't become too short too fast. Again zips are easier, but snaps are fine too. Skip buttons.

          • Outfits (pants and shirts) (8-10) - You can have more fun dressing baby now since you are out and about in public. Just remember to keep diaper accessibility in mind :)

            • Get 4-7 short sleeve shirts/onesies and 4-7 long sleeve shirts/onesies. You may not feel comfortable using over the head onesies until baby is a few months old, so maybe only get a few of those until you are sure. Until then, you can stick with side snap t-shirts. I really like these bodysuits from H&M that cross over button in the front AND snap on the bottom (get at least 2 of these). Once the umbilical cord fell off, I didn't like plain ol' t-shirts/sweaters much because they were constantly riding up above the belly and bunching whenever I picked baby up. Annoying for both of us.
            • Stretchy pants are best (and will fit longer, too)

          • Button Sweaters/Jackets (2-3) - Good to have no matter the season. Things with collars can be annoying because they are constantly in baby's mouth/folded up. I liked button/zip up sweaters because they are easy to undo if baby gets hot and is sleeping; you won't want to move him to take a sweater off. Trust me. 

          • Snowsuit (1) - I LOVE this bear fleece bundler from Gap not only because it is a bear suit but because it can snap like a sleeping bag or have legs for a car seat. 

          • Warm hats/gloves (2) - This JJ Cole set is nice but the hat runs big and the gloves run small. But, we really only need the hat (which is sold separately as well) because the snowsuit has built in gloves.

          • Socks (7-10) - If you bought 0-6 month size as listed above, you should still have enough socks from the NB days, unless the washer ate them all :)

    Lastly, I wast to share with you two other essential categories: Books and Medicine


    - Books -


    I wanted to be able to read to my baby in English and I can mostly only find baby books written in Polish here so these were important for me to bring from the USA. 
    • Books for Baby! - We asked for books instead of cards for our shower and because of that we were able to build an entire library for baby. Though board books are heavy, reading is so important so don't forget about these when building your baby checklist. For a lightweight option, we like these Lamaze soft books

    • An Actual Baby Book - This is another thing you should have to help capture your baby's milestones. If you're living abroad, you also need to make sure you have one in English :) We have this one, but they are all pretty similar. 

    • Books for Mommy! Don't forget about yourself. If you're a first time mom, you may be paranoid (like me) and once you start down the Google path, it can get dangerous... therefore, I highly recommend purchasing books instead of using the internet. Seriously, stay away from the internet the first few weeks. It is so overwhelming. People online are crazy and your hormones don't help. It also was key for me to have these books in the hospital room. You never know, the hospital might not have wifi and it is nice to be disconnected so you can focus on your new family. Here are some of my favorite books that helped me through the first few weeks.

      • Nursing Mother's Companion - Fabulous if you are planning to breastfeed. I referenced this book week after week until we got the hang of breastfeeding.
      • Secrets of the Baby Whisperer - Great tips but focuses on routines, which we aren't quite ready to start yet. I am thinking of digging this back out around 3-4 months so stay tuned.
    Which brings me to our final category:

    -The Medicine Cabinet-


    Ok, Yes, they have lots of baby medicine here in Poland but I like to be able to read the labels without using a translator so I bought and brought everything from the USA.

    Here is what I made sure was in my medicine cabinet:
    • Infants' Advil
    • Infants' Tylenol
    • Baby Orajel for teething
    • Saline drops for noses
    • Gripe Water (!!!) for upset bellies 
    • Baby Cough Syrup
    • Buttpaste - Laugh it up, but (no pun intended) this is amazing for diaper rash and it smells good, too.
    • Desitin and A&D Ointment - also for diaper rash, but now that I have diaper rash experience, I'd skip these and stick to the Buttpaste. However, what worked for me may not work for you.
    • Rectal Thermometer (fahrenheit, please!) - We like this Safety 1st digital thermometer because it takes the temp in 5 seconds. We also bought an ear one, but it is not as accurate and fevers are no joke so stick with the rectal.
    • Alcohol swabs - I bought the individually wrapped kind for diabetics and they work great for cleaning the thermometer.
    • Nosefrida - those other sucker kinds, well. they suck - and not in a good way.
    • Pacifiers- my baby only likes the Soothie pacifier. He won't use other kinds. BTW, I said I wouldn't use a pacifier but they have saved my sanity (and my boobs!) and I am SO glad I had a bunch of different kinds on hand 'just in case'. 
    • Boo Boo Bunny - A cute way to ice ouchies. I had a boo boo bunny when I was little, so my little one needs one for his owies, too. 
    • Infant nail clippers  - I think nail scissors are easiest for trimming. I also use a nail file after trimming for the sharp edges. 
    • Cotton pads (not cotton balls) for wiping goopy eyes 

    You'll also need these, too:
    • Diapers - Just buy one pack in NB size. You don't know what size your baby will be. In my opinion, it is worth spending more for the premium diapers because baby doesn't wake up when he is wet and mommy doesn't have to deal with diaper blowouts often. It's a win-win. 
    • Wipes - Have A LOT of wipes on hand. You'll use them. 
    • Baby Detergent - make sure it's for sensitive skin
    • Baby Lotion - Some say not to use lotion but I use it every once in a while for dry skin on baby's forehead and it helps.
    • Baby Soap - We like the Nivea baby brand for this (we use the same brand for the lotion.)

    And that concludes my very comprehensive list of baby registry essentials, Phew!

    Have anything you'd like to add? Curious what brands we're using in Poland? Then make sure to comment, I'd love to hear from you! I will also be writing a separate post about my hospital experiences in both Poland and Germany, so let me know if you have any questions about that, too and I will be sure to address them in my post.

    A Closing Note: I know I haven't included anything about items for eating once babies start solids (e.g. spoons, bowls, sippy cups, high chairs, etc). Once Henry starts solids, I will be sure to put together another post as soon as I have some experience in that department under my belt - so keep your eyes peeled for that in the upcoming months.


    1. There's a lot of great items on here. I definitely feel like I want a few of them for myself though. Haha. Thank's for sharing.