:: Happy New Year!

Happy 2015! I hope your resolutions are going fabulously. 

To kick off the Morning Kawa blog year, I thought I would show you a photo from this year's stage for Sylwester (the Polish word for New Year's Eve) in Wroclaw, Poland. Pretty intense. 
This stage was unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was HUGE. I know it may be hard to tell in photos but it took up the ENTIRE side of the Rynek. It took them 2 weeks just to put it up and they are still taking it down today. Phew, makes me tired just thinking about it.

But, the Poles sure know how to celebrate NYE - and we weren't even able to experience the full celebrations due to our little arrival :) But I will say that I have never seen so many fireworks - they honestly rivaled the Fourth of July fireworks in New York City. This is the only photo I have with a firework in it in Wroclaw, so just pretend it's this times 1,000 :)
If you remember my post from last year showcasing the 2014 stage, this year's stage is much, much, much larger. It probably wasn't necessary for it to be this large, but it sure was cool. Here's a look at again at the 2015 stage in daytime that may help you see it more to scale. 
Hope to see more of you all in the new year!

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