:: January 6th in Poland

Today is a national holiday in Poland! And there is (yet another) stage set up in the Rynek of Wroclaw today. 
That's right, January 6th marks the Epiphany - the day the three wise men visited baby Jesus. Many people ventured into the Rynek for the celebrations and attendees can be seen wearing these cardboard crowns to commemorate the kings. 
FYI Most shops are closed, but restaurants and cafes in town seem to be open. 

Happy January 6th, 2015!


  1. what an amazing city to live in! I love your blog, my parents are from Poland and it was my first language. I live in Florida with my family, and have never been to Poland. Seeing it through your eyes makes me feel like I'm there.

    1. Thanks so much! What a nice thing to say :) I hope you find your way to Poland one day, it is lovely!